This program is for trans, gender nonconforming, and/or non-binary filmmakers based in the United States who have yet to direct a scripted feature film, and are in active development on their debut projects. Both documentary and narrative filmmakers are welcome. We use the term “trans” in its most inclusive sense to encompass transgender, genderqueer, Indigenous Two-Spirit, non-binary and anyone whose gender identity or gender expression is non-conforming and/or different from their birth-assigned sex. We especially encourage filmmakers of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, orientations, ages and/or disabilities to apply.

The inaugural program is by invitation only. Filmmakers are nominated by a culturally abundant network of trusted filmmakers, collaborators, peers, programmers, mentors, and representatives of partner organizations. If you need an accessibility accommodation, please contact us.

Nominees will be asked to answer a brief series of questions about themselves and their work.

Applications for the inaugural program will be shared directly with nominated individuals. Applicants should self-identify as trans or gender diverse, be based in the United States, and have a strong desire to direct long-form content such as scripted or unscripted feature films and television series.

The application features three brief essay questions: 1) About You, 2) About Your Project, and 3) About Your Intent. Answers to each of these questions do not need to be longer than a paragraph, but you may use the space as you wish to help us understand who you are.

We hope to understand your unique artistic voice and vision, how your lived experience influences your creativity, and how you hope to grow through and beyond this fellowship.

The project you wish to work on during the fellowship can be at any stage of development, from initial brainstorm to post-production, and may be scripted or unscripted. Consider where you need support in continuing to grow your project, and what next steps you would like help and insight on during the program.

There is an option to share your past creative work. This may be anything that you feel helps reflect your artistic vision: websites, reels, trailers, clips, pitch decks, brainstorms, social media, etc. If you have no tangible work to share, you may describe any past work, or leave this question blank.

The application is intended to provide a picture of who you are as a person and an artist, and does not need to be a polished or perfect creation. If you have never applied to a fellowship before or would like additional guidance or accessibility accommodations, feel free to reach out to us.

Nominations take place in February, with applications due February 20th. The selection process takes place in March. The weekend intensive is on April 2nd-3rd, and subsequent meetings between mentors and Fellows occur April-June.

This program will be most beneficial for directors who have enough initial experience to know they are dedicated to a career directing long-form content, but are early enough in their career that this support and mentorship will significantly impact their development.

We will be matching Mentors and Fellows based on their shared backgrounds, experiences, and interests. In the final phase of the selection process, Mentors will ultimately have the option to make the final decision as to who their Fellow will be. This ensures that the Mentor has a vested interest in the Fellow and they will work together closely.

Participants will meet virtually with their Mentor three times between April and June, for a total of at least three hours. The initial meeting will occur during the weekend intensive in early April, and following meetings will be independently scheduled and mutually agreed upon between the Fellow and Mentor.

This is a three month program, running from April-June. It will kick off with a weekend intensive during the weekend of April 2nd-3rd, followed by monthly meetings between the Mentor/Fellow pairs and the group of Fellows through June.

Feel free to contact us with additional questions or feedback. Thanks!